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Programming skills in R

  1. euler16_use_ARRAY.R The power of array. Use integer array to calculate $a^n$ power(a,n).
  2. outer3_use_Vectorized.R How to use Vectoriz?
  3. char_Split.R How to use (1) strsplit (2) pattern match.
  4. CharMat_SetLocale.R (1) Uses utf-8 in R-studio; (2) The idea is from a renren post.
  5. Rmd_Tab_Proctoring.Rmd Shows the way to use css in Rmd.
  6. cchist_PLOT.R shows an interesting histogram using other jpg as background. The idea is from internet. As a touhou fan, I used a touhou picture. Check appendix for demo output.
  7. barplot_stackbar.R gives an example to create complicated bar plot. Check appendix for demo output.
  8. cc's deGPS .
  9. yyPLOT_autoadj.R Will automatically adjust the x-axis.
  10. lock_unlock shows an example use lock/unlock to control <<-,<- and the global variables.
  11. Dec2IP_bitwise.R is an example of bitwise operation which turns the decimal system IP to normal xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(32bits) version.
  12. Twenty four Game is an interesting example shows a. Recusive in R b. Relation to Lisp/Scheme


cchist output

Original After



yyPLOT_autoadj output


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