Created: 2014-05-18 18:29
Updated: 2016-04-20 05:52


Boost Library Incubator website

  • Built with Wordpress
  • Plus nine Wordpress "plug-ins"
  • Plus approximately 1000 lines of php code in 7 files
  • Pages built with DocBook and converted to html via xslt
  • Maintains compatibility with current Boost practices
  • Complements Boost Modularization with GitHub to move Boost to the 21st century social media/interactive model for creative and collaborative development

Notes on Setting up version on local Mac OS machine

  • I've found the best source for information on this to be at It focuses on using/configuring the tools already installed on the Mac to do this. That is PHP and Apache server are already installed. What remains to be downloaded and configured are:
    • MySQL
    • phpMyAdmin - for administering the My SQL installation
  • I had to change the default PHP configuration to permit input of larger files. This was needed to permit loading of a back up database to the local installation. In my case this entailed editing /private/etc/php.ini . For this to take effect, I had to reboot my system!
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