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Updated: 2015-09-13 03:13
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There are three different components:

  • processor: Extracts tokens from source and creates vector of occurrences to make training faster.
  • trainer: Given processed data generates as many classifiers as required by categories.
  • classifier: Given some text (or URL) classifies it.


You can run the demo with:

npm run-script processor // Process training data.
npm run-script trainer // Generates classifiers.
npm run-script classifier // Loads classifiers and outputs the classification of some articles.

Depending on the format of the training data it might not be needed to process it before running trainer. See Data format section to know more about the expected format.

var fs = require( 'fs' ),
	processor = require( './processor.js' ),
	trainer = require( './trainer.js' ),
	classifier = require( './classifier.js' );

// First of all we process the source data.

	// Source.
		"./data/data.json", {
			flags: 'r',
			encoding: 'utf-8'
	// Destination.
	// Stopwords.
	JSON.parse( fs.readFileSync( "./data/stopwords.json" ) ),
	// Chunk size, to split source data in multiple chunks.

// Then we can create the classifiers.

	// Training set.
		"./data/data_tfs_2k_0.json", {
			flags: 'r',
			encoding: 'utf-8'
	// Path where classifiers will be saved.
	// Names of categories where content will be classified.
	// Take into account that categories here must match categories in training set.
		"Cine & TV",
		"Estilo de vida",
		"Viajes & Eventos"
	// Value of epsilon (to soft results).

// Finally we can classify texts.

var category = classifier.classifyText(
	// Text to classify.
	"Hello world",
	// Classifiers.
	JSON.parse( fs.readFileSync( "./data/classifiers.json" ) ),
	// Stopwords to remove.
	JSON.parse( fs.readFileSync( "./data/stopwords.json" ) ),
	// Value of epsilon (to soft results).

Data format

Source data is expected to follow the following format:

[ {
	"content": "Text of the article, can contain HTML tags (they are removed)",
	"name": "Name of the category. Be sure that it matches one of the categories defined in the array of categories given to trainer"
} ]
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