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Updated: 2019-01-17 15:12
License: apache-2.0

Python development for

These are text editor snippets intended to facilitate Python development for Have fun.

TextMate: Since I use TextMate myself, the TextMate snippets can safely be assumed to be up to date most of the time.

Sublime Text: Newer versions of Sublime Text can read TextMate bundles, so you are up to date automatically. See installation instructions below.

Atom: Since I don’t use Atom, I depend on other people’s pull requests. Hence, the Atom snippets are usually out of date. If you want up-to-date snippets for Atom, feel free to contribute to this repository on a regular basis.


  • gspy⇥ Basic structure of a Glyphs script that iterates through selected layers.
  • title⇥ MenuTitle (name of the script as it appears in the Script menu) and docstring (text for the tooltip).
  • clear⇥ Clears the Macro Window log.
  • macro⇥ Clears the Macro Window log and brings the Macro Window to the front.
  • angle⇥ Function returning the angle between two points.
  • center⇥ Convenience function returning the center (as NSPoint) of an NSRect.
  • circle⇥ Function returning a GSPath containing a circle.
  • otclass⇥ Function that creates or (if it already exists) updates an OpenType class.
  • otfeature⇥ Function that creates or (if it already exists) updates an OpenType feature.
  • italic⇥ Function that returns a point position that respects an italic angle.
  • offset⇥ Function that offsets a GSLayer.
  • round⇥ Function that rounds the corners of a GSLayer.
  • measurement⇥ Function that returns intersection points (like the Measurement tool does) of the decomposed and overlap-removed layer.
  • msg⇥ Function for displaying a simple (non-Vanilla) message dialog.
  • select⇥ Adds item on a layer to the user selection.
  • tab⇥ Opens a new tab with supplied text or collection of layers.
  • transform⇥ Function for creating a NSAffineTransform object, necessary for shifting, scaling, skewing, rotating.
  • bezier⇥ Function for returning the x,y for a given t on a cubic Bézier curve segment.
  • clipboard⇥ Function for setting the clipboard.
  • random⇥ Import the random library, seed, and create a random integer.
  • sort⇥ Sort a list of objects by a certain attribute of those objects (e.g. layers by their max y).
  • terminal⇥ Execute a Terminal (bash) command.
  • trace⇥ Import the traceback library and print a traceback. Useful for except clauses.
  • subtract⇥ Subtract GSPath objects.
  • intersect⇥ Intersect GSPath objects.
  • timer⇥ Method for taking and reporting elapsed time.
  • notification⇥ Display a floating notification in top right corner of screen.

Vanilla-specific snippets

  • gsgui⇥ Basic structure of a Glyphs script with a dialog (GUI). Uses Vanilla.
  • pref⇥ Register, load, register & load, or save preferences for Vanilla GUI items.
  • button⇥ Vanilla popup and square button.
  • text⇥ Vanilla text box or text edit field.
  • checkbox⇥ Vanilla checkbox.
  • radio⇥ Vanilla radiobuttons.
  • progress⇥ Vanilla progress bar.
  • tooltip⇥ Tooltip for a Vanilla object.
  • vanilla⇥ Show help for Vanilla classes.

Plugin SDK-specific snippets

  • rgb⇥ NSColor object with RGB definition.
  • plugindef⇥ Function definition structure better suited for the Plugin SDK.
  • log⇥ Log a message to the console.
  • url⇥ Prefill the productPageURL or updateFeedURL entry of a plugin’s Info.plist with a GitHub URL.


  • TextMate bundle: double click to install
  • Sublime Text: Open Sublime Text > Preferences > Browse Packages… and move the Python for Glyphs.tmbundle into the folder that appears
  • Atom: move to ~/.atom/packages/python-to-glyphs


Copyright 2014 Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer (@mekkablue). Some code by Georg Seifert (@schriftgestalt). Atom adaptation by Kenneth Ormandy (@kennethormandy).

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

See the License file included in this repository for further details.

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