Created: 2014-05-18 18:01
Updated: 2018-11-21 04:38
License: mit



Lesser Parallel, a bash script library like the GNU Parallel. It only has lesser functions than the GNU Parallel. But it can use easily in any bash script by embedding.


  lesser-parallel [<options>] [<command> [<arguments> ...]] < <list_to_arguments>
  cat ... | lesser-parallel [<options>] [<command> [<arguments> ...]]
  -j <n>      : Run <n> jobs in parallel.
  -e [<file>] : Embed Lesser Parallel to <file>.
  -h, --help  : Display help and ext.
  Each jobs receive input line from STDIN into placeholders.
  Placeholders will be substituted with input line as below:
  {}   : Input line.
  {.}  : Input line without extention (pathname).
  {/}  : Input line without directory (basename).
  {//} : Input line without basename (dirname).
  {/.} : Input line without directory and extension (basename without suffix).
  {#}  : Job sequence number of paralell.

-e option embed a part of this script into FILE between the begin marker (# Lesser Parallel for Embedding) and the end marker (#/Lesser Parallel for Embedding).

The environment variable LESSER_PARALLEL_MAX_JOBS defines number of jobs to run up in parallel.


The MIT license.

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