Created: 2014-05-18 17:37
Updated: 2018-07-06 15:03
License: gpl-2.0



This is a pimatic plugin which allows you to connect a busware COC module or a busware CUL to the pimatic home automation framework.


###Add the plugin To enable the COC plugin add this section to your config.json file.

  "plugin": "coc"

To use a CUL device connected to an USB port instead of an internally connected COC module, you need to set the hardware type and the serial device name.

  "plugin": "coc",
  "hardwareType": "CUL",
  "serialDeviceName": "/dev/tty_your_name_here"


dmesg | grep tty

to find the serial device name of the CUL.

###Add devices

The COC plugin currently defines two types of devices.

  • The COCSwitch device supports the COC generic commands for on and off. You can use it for all supported protocols.
  • The COCSwitchFS20 device is a specialized version which controls FS20 devices. It creates the needed on/off commands internally.

This is an example for the devices section in the config.json file.

  "devices": [
      "class": "COCSwitch",
      "id": "socket2",
      "name": "Socket 2",
      "commandOn": "F1234A811",
      "commandOff": "F1234A810"
      "class": "COCSwitchFS20",
      "id": "socketF1",
      "name": "Socket FS20",
      "houseid": "1234",
      "deviceid": "A8"

Attention: This plugin uses the onoff module, which has some issues with Raspian jessie. Check this to fix the issue.

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