Created: 2014-05-18 17:28
Updated: 2016-03-30 06:17


500px comment poster

Likes and comments photos from fresh today, upcoming, and popular sections. The text of comment depends on the rating of the photo and most comments are personalized to refer to the author bu their name. (Primary use is to make your "affection" bigger.)


  • Ruby 2.1+
  • Bundler

Required configuration

The following environment variables are required for app to work properly:

  • 500PX_CONSUMER_KEY & 500PX_CONSUMER_SECRET for your app (need to register an app on 500px dev center
  • 500PX_USERNAME & 500PX_PASSWORD of the account you want comments to be posted from.

How to run

Once env vars are set, you can just run


Heroku deployment

Instead of running locally, you can deploy the app to heroku and set commenting to be triggered once a hour/day/etc.

First, add env vars to heroku:

heroku config:add 500PX_CONSUMER_KEY=consumer_key 500PX_CONSUMER_SECRET=consumer_secret 500PX_USERNAME=username 500PX_PASSWORD=password

Then, setup a scheduled task: add "Scheduler" heroku addon for the app, and create a job with task being rake and needed requency.

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