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Electrodynamics is a mod, yes ... but what does it mean?

Many of you will see the word "electro" and assume that this mod is about electricity. It's not. Electrodynamics is the branch of physics concerned with the interaction of electric currents with magnetic fields or with other electric currents... but what does that mean? We'll get to that later. We are embracing a semi-realistic, immersive playstyle guided towards bringing the player closer to the crafting aspect of Minecraft and filling in all of the gaps of Vanilla. Expect a challenge that will require creativity, strategy and knowledge; not simply overpriced recipes and tedious crafting. Electrodynamics is a diverse mod covering all the basics: power, processing, crafting, aesthetics. We strive to create the single mod that has everything, yet works with all the other mods. It fits in nicely yet will be the one mod that can do it all on its own; the one mod you need to have.

###The Team | Username | Role | Twitter | | ------------- |:-------------: | :-------------: | | CyanideX | Project Lead | @Electrodynamix | | Royalixor | Lead Developer | @Royalixor | | Dmillerw | Developer | @dmillerw | | Thlaylii | Developer | N/A | | M3gaFr3ak | Developer | @M3gaFr3ak | | Mrabow | 3D Modeller | N/A |

###Contributing to Electrodyanmics

#####Pull Requests We do accept pull requests and enhancements from third parties. Please try following the guidelines on how to submit your pull requests properly and how to format your code.

  • Keep the number of commits to a minimum. We want to look over the commit and basically see what you've done.
  • Try to comply to our coding guidelines (see below).
  • Give us a good description to what you've done.
  • Try to submit one change in one pull request and try to link it to the issue in the tracker if possible.

#####Coding Guidelines

  • Comment your code. This includes JavaDocs and normal comments to clarify what your code is doing.
  • Write tests. Less than 50% code coverage will result in declining your PR.
  • Keep your code consistent. - Look at existing code and don't use 4 different ways to iterate over a list.
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