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Jekyll Incorporated

Modern Jekyll based blog. Great for companies, products or anything. See live at blog.sendtoinc.com

Installation & Usage

bundle install
jekyll serve --watch

Note: Requires Ruby version 1.9.3 =>. For example use rbenv


Edit: _config.yml (general options), main.css (theme colors & fonts)

├── _config.yml
├── _assets/
    ├── stylesheets/
        ├── main.scss

Note: when editing config.yml, you need to restart jekyll to see the changes.

Publish to Github Pages

  1. Add your domain to CNAME
  2. Edit your repo address at Rakefile

Run rake task. NOTE: It will deploy the generated site to gh-pages branch overwriting it

rake site:publish

Usage examples


Originally build for sendtoinc.com, your workspace for sharing and organizing knowledge

Karri Saarinen

Jori Lallo


  • Documentation
  • Less config files
  • Better deploy scripts

Copyright and license

Copyright 2013 Kippt Inc. under The MIT License

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