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top_introns is a collection of Python scripts for finding genome sequences that have a large number of SNPs per window length.

Initially it was made for counting SNPs in cheetah genome.


python 2.7


The main script is It calls other scripts in the following order, providing all necessary command line arguments:




As a result, you may expect to recieve the folder containing .nexus files, which describe top n windows.

Sample usage (Windows):

python -v .\test_dataset2\test_snp_list.vcf -f .\test_dataset2\test_input.fasta -w .\test_dataset2\test_windows.bed -o results -n 3 --normalize

Sample usage (Linux):

./ --vcf test_dataset2/test_snp_list.vcf --fasta test_dataset2/test_input.fasta -w test_dataset2/test_windows.bed --normalize -o "res"

or you can call python --help and get information about available options and their meaning.

Input files format

The main script and worker scripts expect the following input data:

  1. .fasta file with genome information. It should contain collection of .fasta strings, one for each chromosome, with chromosome name in description line.

  2. .vcf file with collection of tab-separated fields, describing collection of SNPs found, with order of fields like in specification:, with few specific features:

    • chromosome name should be equal to string given as description for particular string in .fasta file
    • last m tab-separated columns should correspond to m species genotype information for given SNP (as stated in .vcf format specification).
    • script assumes that SNP lines are sorted in ascending order by chromosome and position in chromosome.
  3. .bed-like file with information about windows being examined (list of exons, introns, etc.). File is tab-separated, only first 4 columns are used: chromosome name, start and end positions, window name.

Example input files can be found in folders named test_dataset1 and test_dataset2.

Output files format

All output files are placed to selected folder and are named as window (for each of top n windows). The folder also contains:

  • .fasta file with list of windows sequences (taken from reference file)
  • .bed file with list of top n windows

These two files are generated and used by worker scripts to store intermediate results.

Calling worker scripts independently

If you want to call worker scripts independently, call them with "--help" key, to get information about their parameters.

Project home page

The latest version of top_introns can be found at:

Feel free to report about any problems and bugs via Issues page.

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