Created: 2014-05-18 15:19
Updated: 2015-08-14 11:29

Front Ghost Inspector

A Sails application with a CasperJS worker for research for the javascript usage in a website.


Clone repo and install dependencies && cd FrontGhostInspector && npm install && bower install;

Then you have to setup your database in my case I choose to use postgres, so if you want continue with it you have to create a db (suggested: ghost-db) and change the connection settings into config/connections.js If you prefer use other db just look into the Sails documentation to see how to implement your own data adapter.

Remember to change even into config/models.js

Know issues

  • React and Backbone adapter are not working: this is caused for a small bug into a dependencies. go to assets/components/ractive-backbone/Ractive-Backbone.js and change: require( 'Ractive' ), require( 'Backbone' ) => require( 'ractive' ), require( 'backbone' )
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