Created: 2014-05-18 14:44
Updated: 2017-12-05 14:32
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Scala implementation of expiring TODO notes.

Original idea from do_by: Automatically expiring TODO notes in Ruby


Use this library if you want to write TODO notes with an expiration date.

An expired TODO will not compiled anymore.


TODO("YaSi", "do not write any TODO anymore", "2011/05/25")

does not compile.


Developers like to write TODOs in the code to describe a possible amelioration:

// TODO: check the mime-type

As the project evolves, the number of TODOs typically grows up and nobody take care of them seriously.

With DoBy, a TODO must have an expiration date:

  • Before this date, the program compiles and runs as usual.

  • Three weeks before this date, the compiler will emit a warning about the note.

  • After this date, the program does not compile anymore. You must do something about this TODO.


Add DoBy as dependency

To use this library, add it as dependency.

libraryDependencies += "de.leanovate.doby" %% "doby" % "0.6" % "provided"

DoBy is only compatible with Scala 2.11.

Add an import

import de.leanovate.doby._

Write your TODO

A TODO note must indicate the author, a description and an expiration date.

The expiration date can be written like 2011/05/25 or like 2011-05-25

TODO("YaSi", "do not write any TODO anymore", "2011/05/25")

You can also use the general expire. For info, see the example


version 0.6

Change the default package from de.leanovate.doby.Expiration._ to de.leanovate.doby._


Difference with do_by in in Ruby

do_by (in ruby) throws an exception at runtime when a note is expired.

It means that an expired note will break a running program.

With DoBy (in Scala), an expired note does not have any effect on a running program. Instead, at compile time, the compiler will warn or output an error if a note is about to expire or has expired. A TODO note is written by a developer and must be take care by a developer.

Developer info

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