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Web Developer's Toolbox Lab Project

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This repository contains a base skeleton to be used during the "Web Developer's Toolbox" (or "Web Developer's Workflow") training class given by appendTo.

How to use this repository

The master branch of this repository holds the skeleton of a possible in-progress front end project. The various other branches include possible solutions for specific labs within the training course. Thus, if you were to simply look at the lab-1-git-and-grunt branch you would see how the training content lab was implemented in the instructor's solution.

There is also a final-solution branch which includes all completed lab content.

Where to start

Most branches use Grunt for task running, even though that may not be the purpose of that particular lab. Thus you may want to tackle the "Setting up Grunt" lab first (the solution is in lab-1-git-and-grunt).

You can find all of the labs in the LABS.md file in this directory.


This repository was created by Jordan Kasper (@jakerella), culled from other appendTo training material provided by:

  • Brian Edgerton (@brianedgerton)
  • Ralph Whitbeck (@RedWolves)


All material is copyright appendTo, LLC, all rights reserved. This material is only intended to be used in conjunction with one of the training sessions mentioned in the first section of this README. Any other use is prohibited.


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