Created: 2014-05-18 14:12
Updated: 2015-08-21 17:17



Groop is web application aimed to solve a simple, but prevalent social dilemma amongst college students; this is, the process of grouping in classes that require group work/projects. The process of creating groups with students you are unfamiliar with, especially in large classes, can be intimidating and distressing for many, complicating a very simple task. Even with the implementation of random assignment, students often attain group members whom they share very little similarities, which create a difficult work environment and leads to work ethics and overall standards of work output by the group as a whole.

Not only does Groop provide a medium, which simplifies the creation of groups, it also finds the most compatible students within the class for a person to group with. To achieve compatibility, our application requires each user to take a short compatibility quiz, which contains 10 personality/work ethic based questions, before completing their registration. Therefore, when a student needs to create a group, they simply, create a group, select their class and every student’s quiz answers within that class will be matched to the person searching for group members. It will return all the students within the classroom in chronological order, starting with the most compatible down to the least. From there the student can send invites to the most compatible members, and when accepted they will join the group he/she has created immediately.

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