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Updated: 2019-02-02 14:22
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WowPacketParser (WPP)

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  • Compile WowPacketParser using Visual Studio 2015 or higher (Windows) or Mono 4.4 or higher (Linux/OSX). Alternatively you can download compiled binaries from the links below.
  • Edit WowPacketParser.exe.config to fit your needs.
  • Drag one or more files (.pkt or .bin) to WowPacketParser.exe.
  • Command line usage: WowPacketParser.exe [--ConfigFile path --Option1 value1 ...] filetoparse1 ...

Optionally, WPP can connect to two kinds of MySQL databases: world from TrinityCore and its own database, WPP. This can be enabled by setting <add key="DBEnabled" value="true" /> in the .config file. Remember to set <add key="TargetedDatabase" value="1"/> in accordance with the targeted version of the core.

The world database is used when creating SQL files after parsing to produce the minimum number of changes needed to update the database. For example, if only the faction of a creature that appears in the sniff needs to be updated, the produced SQL files will contain an UPDATE query, instead of a full INSERT to the table creature_template. WPP does not modify this database directly, all the tentative changes will be written to the output SQL files.

The WPP database is used to feed additional data that WPP may use while parsing. For example, in the output text files, the spell name can be displayed next to spell ids:

ServerToClient: SMSG_SPELL_START (0x2BB8) Length: 96 ConnIdx: 0 Time: 01/01/2016 00:22:33.235 Number: 701
(Cast) CasterGUID: Full: 0x03691F00000000000000000000000001 Player/0 R3558/S0 Map: 0 Low: 1
(Cast) SpellID: 2479 (Honorless Target)
(Cast) CastFlags: 15

This is available for a lot of other named entities (achievements, creatures, quests, etc.). The SQL files required for this database is in the SQL directory. create_WPP.sql creates the database and wpp_data_objectnames.sql has some data to fill the database.

Nightly Builds

.NET 4.5 (AnyCPU) by AppVeyor

Docker (experimental)

It is possible run WPP on Docker using the trinitycore/wpp image:

docker run -v /place/where/sniffs/are/kept:/usr/src/app/build/sniffs trinitycore/wpp sniffs/sniffname.pkt

/place/where/sniffs/are/kept should your local directory containing the .pkt file and sniffname.pkt the file to be parsed.

Output (.txt/.sql) of the parser will be added to /place/where/sniffs/are/kept.

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