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ActiveScaffold provides a quick and powerful user interfaces for CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations for Rails applications. It offers additonal features including searching, pagination & layout control. Rails >= 4.2.0 is supported, ruby >= 2.3 required.

Branch Details

3-5-stable supports rails >= 4.0.x and ruby >= 2.0.0
3-4-stable supports rails >= 3.2.x and ruby >= 1.9.3
3-3-stable supports rails >= 3.2.x and ruby >= 1.8
rails-3.2 supports Rails 3.1 & 3.2, and is the current source of the 3.2.x line of gems.

Quick Start

To get started with a new Rails project

Added to Gemfile

gem 'active_scaffold'

For rails >= 5.1, add jquery to application.js before rails-ujs (with jquery-rails), or load jquery in your layout before application.js using CDN (e.g. jquery-rails-cdn). You can replace rails-ujs with jquery_ujs, although rails-ujs should work (never load both).

//= require jquery

gem 'jquery-rails'

Run the following commands, for rails 4.2

bundle install
rails g active_scaffold:install
bundle exec rake db:create
rails g active_scaffold:resource Model [attrs]
bundle exec rake db:migrate

Or run the following commands, for rails 5

bundle install
rails g active_scaffold:install
rails db:create
rails g active_scaffold:resource Model [attrs]
rails db:migrate

Run the app and visit localhost:3000/<plural_model>


Threadsafe can be enabled calling ActiveScaffold.threadsafe! in an initializer. It should be enabled on app start and it can't be disabled. Threadsafety is a new feature and not well tested yet.


See Wiki for instructions on customising ActiveScaffold and to find the full API details.


ActiveScaffold grew out of a project named Ajaxscaffold dating back to 2006. It has had numerous contributors including:

ActiveScaffold Gem/Plugin by Scott Rutherford (, Richard White (, Lance Ivy (, Ed Moss, Tim Harper and Sergio Cambra (

Uses DhtmlHistory by Brad Neuberg (

Uses Querystring by Adam Vandenberg

Uses Paginator by Bruce Williams

Supports RecordSelect by Lance Ivy and Sergio Cambra


Released under the MIT license (included)

A ruby translation project managed on Locale that's open to all!

Contributing to active_scaffold

  • Edit the translations directly on the active_scaffold project on Locale.
  • That's it!
  • The maintainer will then pull translations from the Locale project and push to Github.

Happy translating!

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