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Updated: 2017-10-21 04:59
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This plugin is deprecated and has been replaced by Ubistrano.

Cookbook takes you from a fresh Debian/Ubuntu server to a complete Nginx/Rails/PHP stack using purely Capistrano. It also takes care of app deployment and pretty much writes your config/deploy.rb file for you.

The stack

  • Git
  • Nginx
  • Mongrel cluster
  • Monit
  • MySQL
  • PHP (Nginx w/ spawn-fcgi)
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • RubyGems
  • Sphinx


(Goto Set up a PHP app if deploying a PHP project)

Install gem

gem install winton-cookbook

Capify your project

capify .

Copy deploy.rb

Copy deploy.rb.example to config/deploy.rb

Edit config/deploy.rb to your liking. Run cap -T to check out your new tasks.

Create the deploy user

Log in remotely as root

If you can't log in as root directly, but have the password (ServerBeach):


Change root's password if you already haven't


Add a deploy user

adduser deploy

Edit /etc/sudoers


Add this line to the end of the file. This gives the deploy user "sudo without password" privileges:


Upload your SSH keys

cap ssh:setup

(Just answer no to the first question if you already have local keys generated.)

Set up your fresh Debian server

On your machine

You may want to run the commands in debian:aptitude from the remote shell if it is your first time doing so.

cap debian:aptitude
cap debian:config
cap debian:install

On the server

Its probably a good idea to restart the server after all that:

sudo shutdown -r now

Deploy your app

First deploy

cap deploy:create

(See config/cookbook/recipes/deploy.rb to know what's going on here.)

Optionally set up log rotation and a monit entry for your mongrels:

cap log:rotate
cap monit:config:mongrel

Subsequent deploys

cap deploy

Deploy staging

See Deploy your app, but replace cap with cap staging.


cap staging deploy:create

Set up a PHP app

Create directories


Move your site contents into the public directory. Follow instructions in the Install section.

Uncomment this line in deploy.rb:

#:platform => :php,
Copyright (c) 2008 Winton Welsh, released under the MIT license
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