Created: 2008-05-16 18:13
Updated: 2019-02-12 04:37
License: mit

AdapterExtensions add extra abilities to Rails ActiveRecord adapters, including:

  • bulk load
  • truncate table
  • copy table
  • add select into table

Compatibility matrix

See Travis for up-to-date info: Build Status

v1.0.0.rc1 v0.9.5
ActiveRecord adapters
mysql OK OK
mysql2 OK Unsupported
postgresql OK OK
sqlserver Work in progress Broken
ActiveRecord/ActiveSupport versions >= 3 < 3
Ruby versions
MRI 1.9.3 OK Untested
MRI 1.8.7 OK Should be OK

Important notes on MySQL support

Security warning

Be sure to first read and understand the security implications of LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE. In particular, having this enabled on a web app is probably not a good idea.


v0.9.5 will always use LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE for bulk load - this is not configurable.


This version should by default use LOAD DATA INFILE for safer defaults.

You can override this by passing :local_infile => true though.

Troubleshooting LOCAL INFILE

If you enable :local_infile => true and meet the following error, then you'll have to work it around.

The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE

For mysql2 with AR >= 3.1:

For mysql2 with AR < 3.1:

  • no current easy solution afaik

For mysql:

Notes on SQLServer support

v0.9.5 had a broken support for SQLServer.

v1.0.0.rc1 has a work-in-progress bulk import using freebcp. More tweaking needed.

Running the tests

You may have to tweak the Rakefile and database.yml a bit, but roughly:

rake ci:create_db
rake "ci:run_one[mysql2,test/config/gemfiles/Gemfile.rails-3.2.x]"

You can also run a matrix of tests using:

rake ci:run_matrix




  • Thibaut Barrère (current maintainer)
  • original code by Anthony Eden and probably others (let me know if you read this!)
  • thanks to Zach Dennis for his work where I borrowed ideas for the rails 3 rewrite
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