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Updated: 2016-05-11 21:31
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by Derek DeVries


CookieCrumbs is a Rails plugin that adds the ability to store more than one value for a single cookie. This is helpful in applications that need to store more than the maximum 20 allowed cookies.

Note: This is an old plugin, and likely will not work anymore since it depends on internal Rails structure.


CookieCrumbs provides both Rails and Javascript code needed to set cookies so that you can easily trade information between client and server side actions.

In a Rails Controllers

The plugin will add a new method to your controller classes to access the crumbs.

def index
  # setting crumbs - these all save to the same 'widget' cookie
  crumbs[:widget] = { :favorites => "open", :sources => "closed" }
  # or
  crumbs[:widget][:favorites] = "open"
  crumbs[:widget][:sources]   = "closed"

  # getting crumbs
  crumbs[:widget] # => { :favorites => "open", :sources => "closed" }
  crumbs[:widget][:favorites] # => "open"

  # deleting crumbs
  crumbs[:widget].delete :favorites

In the Javascript

The javascript library extends the document object with various methods for manipulating both cookies and crumbs.

// cookies (set/get/delete)
document.setCookie('sidebar', 'open');

// setting crumbs - these all save to the same 'widget' cookie
document.setCrumb('widget', 'favorites' 'open');
document.setCrumb('widget', 'sources'   'closed');

// getting crumbs
document.getCrumb('widget', 'favorites'); // => "open"

// deleting crumbs
document.delCrumb('widget', 'sources');


This plugin is only compatible with Rails 2.3 projects

The Prototype Library ( is required for the javascript crumb code to work.


The Plugin

$ ./script/plugin install git://

If you are upgrading from a previous version, update your application javascripts with:

rake cookie_crumbs:install

Including the javascript file

The javascript portion of this library is not required for the rails portion to work. It is based on the Prototype library and can be added to your application using the usual helpers.

<%= javascript_include_tag 'prototype', 'cookie_crumbs %>


Copyright (c) 2007 Derek DeVries

Released under the MIT License

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