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Updated: 2016-05-11 21:31
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Rails plugin for Commission Junction's Web Services SOAP API.

Supported Services

  • Daily Publisher Commission Report Service

  • Real Time Commission Service

  • Product Catalog Search Service (v.2)

  • Advertiser Search Service (v.2)

  • Link Search Service (v.2)

  • Support Service (v.2)


  • Ruby on Rails 2.1.0

  • This plugin uses the soap4r gem. Install it running this command:

    sudo gem install soap4r


  • From your Rails root run:
./script/plugin install git://
  • Enter your Commission Junction developer key and website ID (optional) in the config file: RAILS_ROOT/config/cj.yml
developer_key: 192839djs9kd393...
website_id: 123456
  • Include the Cj4r plugin in any of your Rails controllers, or just once in the Application controller
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  include Cj4r


All Cj4r Service finders take the same parameters listed in the official Commission Junction Web Services Help site. The only difference is that Cj4r uses the snake_case version of the parameter names. For example, if a parameter is called manufacturerName, you can set it using manufacturer_name instead. Same goes for advertiserIds, use advertiser_ids.

The current Commission Junction service classes are:

  • Cj4r::DailyPublisherCommission
  • Cj4r::RealTimeCommission
  • Cj4r::ProductCatalogSearch
  • Cj4r::AdvertiserSearch
  • Cj4r::LinkSearch

Each service class has a find method that closely emulates ActiveRecord::Base#find and returns an array containing the web service results. Each of these records are their own class and have the same attribute names (also camelCased) listed in the 'Per Record' part of each of their Web Service documentation.

To get an array of all possible string values for the language, country, linkSize, and linkType parameters found in some of the services, Commission Junction provides a Support API, accessible in Cj4r using the Cj4r::Support service class, using the following methods:

  • Cj4r::Support.languages(:locale => 'en') Locale is an optional parameter, set to english by default
  • Cj4r::Support.countries(:locale => 'en') Locale is an optional parameter, set to english by default
  • Cj4r::Support.link_types
  • Cj4r::Support.link_sizes
@records = DailyPublisherCommission(:all, :date => Time.local(2008, 'jan', 19))

@records.each do |record|
  # => 'foo'
  # => 'bar'


Some minor things in the API documentation at the Commission Junction Web Services Help site seem to be outdated. I found the following documentation errors while creating this plugin:

  • The Advertiser Search and Link Search services have a language parameter which is not included in the documentation. This parameter just takes a regular string to filter the results by a language.

  • The correct string value for all API's to order results in descending order (sortOrder paramater, sort_order in Cj4r) is desc, not dec as indicated by the documentation.


  • Return all transactions that occurred yesterday, sorted by postingDate in descending order (defaults)
  • Return all transactions for the event date of January 19, 2007 sorted by commission amount in ascending order
  :date => Time.local(2008, 'jan', 19),
  :sort_by => 'commissionAmount',
  :sort_order => 'asc')

Copyright (c) 2008 Jose Fernandez, released under the MIT license
Written by Jose Fernandez, with support from

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