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Updated: 2017-05-11 05:50
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"Schedulability" to your models, as simple as 1, 2,


Just install.

$ script/plugin install git://


Calling schedulable automatically hooks a few methods to a published_at column:

  • scheduled? (true if the item is scheduled to be published but isn't yet)
  • published? (true if the item is published)

The real power is when expiration is a question

schedulable :end => :archived_at


schedulable :published_at, :archived_at

does a little more:

  • scheduled? :archived_at (true if archived_at is set in the future)
  • archived? (true if the item has been archived)

with a note:

  • published? returns false when archived? returns true.

It's all semantic sugar:

schedulable :activated_at, :terminated_at, :end_required => true

therefore creates:

  • activated?
  • terminated?

And that last option? It just adds a validation requiring the :end to be set if the :start is.

We have your other validations taken care of, too. We're just more comfortable with things when they're chronological.

Rails 2.1 Is Extra Sweet

named_scope support means a few extra methods.

class NewsItem < ActiveRecord::Base
  schedulable :published_at, :archived_at

Now you can scope it out:

  • NewsItem.scheduled returns news items scheduled to be published
  • NewsItem.published returns published news items
  • NewsItem.archived returns archived news items

Copyright (c) 2008 Cement Horses, released under the MIT license.

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