Created: 2018-12-13 11:40
Updated: 2018-12-18 02:34



⚡️ Build and Install RADEX easily

Radex is a computer program to calculate the strengths of atomic and molecular lines from interstellar clouds which are assumed to be homogeneous. - RADEX website

This project will make it easier to use RADEX for radio astronomers. Its Makefile or Homebrew formula will make three different RADEX binaries:

Binary Descripion
radex-uni RADEX built with option 1 (uniform sphere)
radex-lvg RADEX built with option 2 (expanding sphere)
radex-slab RADEX built with option 3 (plane parallel slab)

Note that molecular data directory (moldat) is not set by default. User must specify the full path of a file when you run a RADEX binary (/Users/astropenguin/moldat/co.dat, for example).



The easiest way is to use Homebrew.

$ brew tap astropenguin/formulae
$ brew install radex

As a dependency, gcc (for using gfortran) will be also installed.

Clone this repository

Or you can build and install by yourself. In this case, user must prepare gfortran before installation.

$ git clone https://github.com/astropenguin/radex-install.git
$ cd radex-install
$ make install

User can also specify the default moldat directory.

$ make install MOLDAT=/Users/astropenguin/moldat
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