Created: 2008-05-11 11:45
Updated: 2019-02-28 02:22


Mislav's configuration files for bash, zsh, git, ruby, and more.


Clone somewhere, then run the install script:

$ git clone git:// ~/dotfiles
$ ~/dotfiles/script/bootstrap

Note that this will also install my vimfiles if ~/.vim is missing, set up rbenv if ~/.rbenv is missing, and install Homebrew formulae and OS X apps per Brewfile. These dotfiles are tailored for me, so if this is too much for you to take in at once, consider cherry-picking just the functionality you need.

The install script won't overwrite your existing dotfiles, but will symlink the ones that don't exist. If you want to replace your existing dotfiles, simply move them to a backup location and run install again.

Misc. commands in bin

Check the bin directory for awesome commands such as:

  • ansi2html
  • git-unreleased
  • pair
  • proxy
  • tmux-session


  • enables completions

  • enables Emacs key bindings:

    • C-a/C-e - beginning/end of line
    • C-r/C-s - incremental history search backward/forward
  • C-x C-e - edit current command-line in $EDITOR

  • shell prompt includes:

    1. current directory
    2. last command failed status indicator
    3. git branch
    4. rbenv version
  • autobin - whitelists current directory's bin dir that it should get prepended to $PATH whenever we cd into this project and removed when we leave.


  • sc - smart script/console; works for Rails 2, Rails 3, Sinatra
  • ss - smart script/server; works for Rails 2, Rails 3
  • sr - Passenger/Pow server restart (touch tmp/restart.txt)


  • gl - git pull
  • gp - git push
  • gd - git diff
  • gc - git commit -v
  • gca - git commit -v -a
  • gb - git branch -v
  • st - git status -sb
  • gco - git checkout


  • C-h/j/k/l - switch to pane in the given direction
  • C-\\ - toggle between last active panes

Under tmux prefix C-a:

  • C-l - clear terminal
  • S - switch to a session that starts with given name, or switch to the last session if no name given
  • m - open man page in a vertical split
  • g - tail log/development.log in a new window
  • R - source ~/.tmux.conf after changes

Regular tmux keybindings:

% vertical split
" horizontal split
! break pane into new window
c new window

o select next pane
{ swap pane with previous
} swap pane with next
n next window
p previous window
) next session
( previous session
; select previously active pane
l select previously active window

s interactive session & window browser
w interactive window browser

$ rename session
, rename window

: command prompt
d detach
f search text in open windows

[ copy mode
] paste buffer
# list buffers
- delete buffer
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