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Updated: 2019-01-30 10:32
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This official branch of Potion Store is no longer supported.

Welcome to Potion Store


  • PayPal Website Payments Pro support
  • PayPal Express Checkout support
  • Google Checkout support
  • Administration interface with some simple sales charts
  • Coupons
  • Send lost license page (http://mycompany.com/store/lost_license)
  • Google Analytics e-commerce transaction tracking support for PayPal and credit card orders


  • Rails 2.1 or higher.
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL


This is a brief outline of the steps required to get the development environment of Potion Store up and running on your local machine.

  • Edit the following config files to suit your needs

    • config/store.yml
    • config/paypal.yml
    • config/google_checkout.yml
  • Set session store secret Edit config/environment.rb and modify the config.action_controller.session setting

  • Setup database

    • Install Postgresql or MySQL if you haven't
    • Create the store_development database. Make sure to set the encoding of the database to UTF8. I recommend pgAdmin for Postgresql newcomers.
    • Edit config/database.yml
    • run "rake db:migrate" to create the database schema
  • Run script/server and test through http://localhost:3000/store and http://localhost:3000/admin

  • Replace the default license key generator in lib/licensekey.rb with your own

  • If you are setting up Google Checkout, log into your Google Checkout account (sandbox or live), go to Settings->Integration and put in your URL that corresponds to the following:


    That is the URL that Google uses to make callbacks. If you don't set this up, your customers will not get their orders delivered by email.


  1. gem install ruby-debug
  2. Put 'debugger' where you want to break in your source code
  3. Start the app with 'script/server --debugger' to enable breakpoints

Final Notes

I'd appreciate it if you kept the "Powered by Potion Store" link in the footer. It'll help more developers find the project.

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