Created: 2018-11-08 01:00
Updated: 2019-03-03 07:10
License: mit


This is a VERY basic IRC daemon created to help me learn objective c and cocoa. The ircd is going to he very simple, no MODE support, no configurability, few features, most commands will go unimplemented. Just the ability to connect, create channels, and private message. Perhaps some other features if I feel like it.

Given this project was created for me to learn objective c and cocoa, I'm not expecting anyone else will want to use it. Especially since it doesn't make much sense to write an ircd in objective c, and even less so with the rise of swift. But if anyone does want to, be aware this is all written for manual reference counting. None of the code was written with the intention that it'd ever run using garbage collection or automatic reference counting.

Also, be aware that this code was written to maintain compatibility with Mac OS all the way back to 10.2. Which is why some things like properties are conspicuously absent. I might add them later, but for now I want to maintain as much backward compatibility as possible.

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