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An off beat repo for storing custom ales and lagers to make your life a little beat easier.

Installing a formula

To install formula from this repo

brew tap ipatch/homebrew-us-05
brew install ipatch/homebrew-us-05/[name-of-formula] [--with-options]


brew install ipatch/us-05/openssh --verbose --HEAD --with-ldns

To upgrade a formula that has been installed via this tap

brew reinstall ipatch/us-05/[name-of-formula] --verbose --build-from-source

Working with OpenSSH from this repo

When upgrading or install OpenSSH from this repo, a few files will need to have their permissions changed.

cd /usr/local/etc/ssh
sudo chown root:wheel *_key
sudo chmod 600 *_key


  • change permissions, owner, and group of above mentioned files when installing formula.

If LibreSSL has been updated from mainline Homebrew, ie. upgrading from v2.7.x to v2.8.x then this version of OpenSSH will need to be reinstalled from this tap.

Working with fuse-ext2

  • fuse-ext2 is a program that allows working with ext-{2,3,4} file systems on macOS, and provides both read and write support.

To install fuse-ext2 from this repo using homebrew

brew tap ipatch/homebrew-us-05
brew install ipatch/homebrew-us-05/fuse-ext2 --verbose

As of September 17, 2018, e2fsprogs needs to be unlinked after installing fuse-ext2

To manually unlink e2fsprogs

brew unlink e2fsprogs

To manually link fuse-ext2

brew link fuse-ext2

Working with Qemu

To install Qemu from this homebrew 🍺 repo

brew install ipatch/homebrew-us-05/qemu \
--verbose \
--with-docs \
--with-libusb \
--with-hvf \
--with-hax \


If a formula is installed from this repo ie. qemu with options, passed to the install command, ie. --with-hax homebrew has issues running the reinstall command even with the --build-from-source flag. To work around this, run brew remove [name-of-formula] to uninstall the package, and then reinstall the package with the flags provided form the previous install.


To pull down updates from this tap from time to time or when an upstream change has been made

brew update


When working with formula locally for debugging purposes specify a path to a local formula so it can be tested locally.

brew [re]install /path/to/some/local_formula.rb

brew reinstall is problematic a majority of the time, so when experimenting with local formula when developing use brew install /path/to/formula.rb


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