Created: 2013-11-05 08:47
Updated: 2018-12-06 06:28
License: mit


use you gmail mailbox as your note place. when you use this plugin, your can send the current text to your mailbox(gmail), within the default inbox named "gnote",
the subject of your note will be your filename without suffix by default, so same filename(without suffix) will be in same dialogue. Just have a try, you'll get the effect.

Why I write this plugin

I'd like to write note in my vim. I cannot imagine there is no vim when I am noting.
So I write this.


  • vim python2 support: vim-gnote is based on python2, so your vim should be builded with python2 support.

  • markdown module of python

  • mail account

~~gmail account~~~
mail account which supports imap protocol


  • account settings

let g:gnote_gmail_username="your gmail username"
let g:gnote_gmail_password="your gmail password"

let g:gnote_mail_host="imap host of your mail" (default is
let g:gnote_mail_port="imap port of your mail" (default is 993)
let g:gnote_mail_username="your mail username"
let g:gnote_mail_password="your mail password"
let g:gnote_auto_convert_markdown=<1 or 0>  (default is 0)
  • change the default mailbox name (default is 'gnote')

let g:gnote_gmail_mailbox="NOTES"

let g:gnote_mail_mailbox="NOTES"
  • keybord (you can also set the short cuts in your vim config), for example:
    map <leader>gn <esc>: call Gnote() <cr>

Config Example

  • assume you'd like to use google mail

    let g:gnote_mail_username = ""
    let g:gnote_mail_password = "your google mail password"
    let g:gnote_mail_mailbox = "mailbox name you prefer"
  • assume you'd like to use qq mail

    let g:gnote_mail_host = ""
    let g:gnote_mail_username = ""
    let g:gnote_mail_password = "your qq mail password"
    let g:gnote_mail_mailbox = "mailbox name you prefer"
  • if you want to auto convert the markdown to html format, please:

    let g:gnote_auto_convert_markdown = 1
  • other email
    just take above examples as reference, the imap settings can be found at the related official website


cannot be used when using two-step verification for your google email. please set a special password for this plugin, here are the step


  • [√] markdown support
  • attchment support


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