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Collection of Resharper Templates (Live Templates and File Templates) to help when writing (mainly C#) code.


Get the Git repo by typing the following into Git Bash:

git clone

To import a .DotSettings templates file into Resharper:

  • Open Visual Studio
  • Select drop down menu: Resharper -> Tools -> Templates Explorer
  • In the Templates Explorer select the Live Templates or File Templates tab depending on what kind of template you want to import
  • Select the C# scope (on the left)
  • Click on the "Import" toolbox button and select the .DotSettings file

Live Templates

C# Live Templates for testing include:

  • NUnit
  • MSTest
  • xUnit
  • Specflow

Other C# Live Templates include:

  • Test Builder
  • Simple Factory
  • log4net
  • Override
  • ToString

Other templates include:

  • Markdown


To insert a live template simply start typing its shortcut in your C# file (or press Ctrl+J or Ctrl+E, L to bring up the inline menu).

CSharp\Testing\NUnit Shortcuts

nunitclass                  // create a nunit class
nunitcleanup                // create a nunit test cleanup method
nunitclasscleanup           // create a nunit class cleanup method
nunitclasssetup             // create a nunit class setup method
nunitclassinner             // create a nunit inner class
nunitsetup                  // create a nunit setup method
nunitteardown               // create a nunit tear down method
nunittestcase1arg           // create a nunit test case attribute with 1 input arg
nunittestcase2arg           // create a nunit test case attribute with 2 input args
nunittestcase3arg           // create a nunit test case attribute with 3 input args
nunittestwhen               // create a nunit test
nunittestwhenasync          // create an async nunit test

CSharp\Testing\MSTest Shortcuts

mstestclass                 // create a mstest class
mstestclasscleanup          // create a mstest class cleanup method
mstestclasssetup            // create a mstest class setup method
mstestcleanup               // create a mstest cleanup method
mstestsetup                 // create a mstest setup method
mstestwhen                  // create a mstest test

CSharp\Testing\xUnit Shortcuts

xunitclassinner             // create a xunit inner class
xunitctor                   // create a xunit constructor
xunitfact                   // create a xunit fact test
xunitfactasync              // create a xunit fact async test
xunitinlinedata             // create a xunit inline data attribute
xunittheory                 // create a xunit theory test
xunittheoryasync            // create a xunit theory async test

CSharp\Testing\SpecFlow Shortcuts

specflowclass               // create a specflow class
specflowscenariosetup       // create a specflow setup for scenario method
specflowscenariocleanup     // create a specflow cleanup for scenario method
specflowtestsetup           // create a specflow test setup method
specflowtestcleanup         // create a specflow test cleanup method
specflowstepbefore          // create a specflow step before method
specflowstepafter           // create a specflow step after method

CSharp\Test Builder Shortcuts

testbuilder                 // create a testbuilder class
testbuilderdb               // create a testbuilder database class
testbuilderindb             // create a testbuilder "InDatabase" property
testbuilderas               // create a testbuilder "As" method
testbuilderwith             // create a testbuilder "With" method
testbuilderwithname         // create a testbuilder "With<name>" method
testbuilderwithnamenoargs   // create a testbuilder "With<name>" method that has no args

CSharp\Simple Factory Shortcuts

factory                     // create a simple factory & interface with Create method
factoryfor                  // create a simple factory & interface with CreateFor method

CSharp\log4net Shortcuts

log4netconfigure            // prints a call to log4net XML configure method
log4netlogger               // prints the Logger declaration

CSharp\Override Shortcuts

overrideequals              // override the Equals method
overridegethashcode         // override the GetHashCode method 

Markdown Shortcuts


File Templates

C# file templates include:

  • TestBuilder Class
  • Simple Factory Class
  • NUnit Class
  • Exception Class

Other file templates include:

  • Markdown
  • JSON
  • XML
  • Text


To choose from the list of file templates press Ctrl+Alt+Insert.

To place a new file from a file template in a particular place in Solution Explorer:

  • Select in Solution Explorer where you want the file to be placed
  • Press Alt+Insert
  • Select the file template from the inline menu
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