Created: 2013-09-23 15:21
Updated: 2019-01-31 07:31

OmniFocus Library

Notice: Probably any script in this repo will require this library. Assume you need it.

Why is there a new OmniFocus library?

I had previously written an OmniFocus library using JavaScript for Automation, but it's got issues that vanilla AppleScript does not. Also, I realized that I didn't really need the fancy regex abilities from JavaScript that I thought I needed, so I went back to standard AppleScript. It works just as well, and the source code is a lot more readable. I hope you find this new library useful.

Basic Usage

Put omnifocus.scpt in ~/Library/Script Libraries, or else AppleScript won't know where to find it!

use application "OmniFocus"
use O : script "omnifocus"

tell O
   set sel to selectedItems()
   deferDaily(sel)  # this will set all the selected tasks to start again after completion daily
   setDefer(sel, current date)

   set theTask to findTask("Log food") # find the first task whose name is "Log food"
   set theProject to findProject("Groceries")
   set theContext to findContext("Home")
   set theFolder to findFolder("Routine")

   # Parse using transport text (see below for details)
   parse("Do something! @home ::misc #5pm #tomorrow //This is a note")

Transport Text

For those who don't know about transport text, it's a format that OmniFocus uses to parse task information like so:

Do something! @home ::misc #5pm #tomorrow //This is a note

The ! makes Do something a flagged task. @home sets the context to "home". :: is used for matching a project. Both @ and :: will fuzzy match existing contexts and projects. The first # is used for a defer date, while the second # is for a due date. Both support natural language parsing like the inspector in OmniFocus. Word of caution though, if only one # is present, OmniFocus assumes it's a due date. Lastly, // starts the note for a task. While more involved ways of creating OmniFocus tasks exist in the library, you'll find using of.parse as your primary means of creating tasks.


  • selectedItems()
  • parse(transportText)
  • findContext(contextName)
  • findProject(projectName)
  • findFolder(folderName)
  • findTask(taskName)
  • allTasks()
  • allProjects()
  • allContexts()
  • setDue(input, dueDate)
  • setDefer(input, deferDate)
  • setProject(input, projectName)
  • setContext(input, contextName)
  • namePrepend(input, prependString)
  • nameAppend(input, appendString)
  • inboxTasks()
  • setComplete(input, booleanFlag)
  • setSequential(input, booleanFlag)
  • openPerspective(perspectiveName)
  • inboxCount()
  • errandsCount()
  • landAndSeaCount()
  • routineCount()
  • computerName()
  • setRepeat(input, repetitionRule)
  • deferDaily(input)
  • deferWeekly(input)
  • deferMonthly(input)
  • repeatDaily(input)
  • repeatWeekly(input)
  • repeatMonthly(input)
  • clearRepeat(input)
  • clearDefer(input)
  • clearContainer(input) Only works on inbox tasks.
  • clearContext(input)
  • setOnHold(input)
  • setActive(input)
  • showAbout()
  • toggleColon(input)
  • setColon(input)
  • clearColon(input)
  • setPrefix(input, prefix)
  • clearPrefix(input, prefix)
  • clearPrefixAll(input)
  • setConsider(input)
  • clearConsider(input)
  • toggleConsider(input)
  • kindOf(input) This will be a task, project, context or folder.
  • isProject(input)
  • isContext(input)
  • isTask(input)
  • isFolder(input)
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