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(ɔ) Copyleft 2007-2008 Stefan Imhoff Licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

This is the source code of Created by Stefan Imhoff.

About is a german martial arts magazine founded in 1999. The topic of this website are the Ninja and their martial art Ninjutsu.

Find out more about Ninjutsu today on Visit your local dôjô. You won’t regret.

Information & Requirements

It’s my first Django-Projekt. You may use the code and templates for educational purposes or your own projects.

Python Image Library (PIL) is required.

This site uses the Subversion-Trunk at Django 1.0 Final.


This project has sample data. To install do:

python syncdb

This creates all database tables in an SQLite database and dumps some data in the tables. It also creates a superuser:

  • User: test
  • Password: test

Syncdb will ask if you would like to create a superuser, choose (no) as the fixture will create a superuser.

Language for the site is german, if you would like to have an english interface change LANGUAGE_CODE = 'de-de' to LANGUAGE_CODE = 'en' in To start the server do:

python runserver

This starts the development server on

You can visit the website in your browser. To log into the admin interface point your browser to and log in with the test user.

„Understand? Good. Play!“

Masaaki Hatsumi, Grandmaster of 9 Ryûha (schools) and Soke (head) of the Bujinkan Budô Dôjô.

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