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The project is described here. Some other links of interests are:

The rest of this document contains various pieces of information relevant for developers/contributors.

Coding conventions

The YARD meta-tag formatting format is used for documentation, whenever it feels necessary.


Ruby 1.8.7 is recommended (we use the latest Ruby Enterprise version on the live site). 1.9.x will not work (yet).

Copy config/database.sample.yml to config/database.yml. It defaults to SQLite, so no additional configuration of this file is necessary unless you want to use MySQL (which the site runs on in production). It's important that the encoding flag is set to utf8, or you'll run into subtle bugs.

We use bundler to manage gems, so simply run bundle install to install all required gem dependencies.

Using autospec while doing changes to the source code is highly recommended, as this is very helpful for catching accidental regressions.

Note that you should only add/edit stylesheets in the app/stylesheets folder. public/stylesheets should only contain compiled Sass stylesheets.


A connection to a Solr server is required for running the site. Note that the version of acts_as_solr that is included in the repository is stripped down, so it does not include the server part. Setting up a Solr server on your development machine is simple, though:

  • Install the Java runtime environment (not necessary on OSX). On Debian or Ubuntu this can be done with: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre
  • git clone git://
  • cd acts_as_solr/solr && java -jar start.jar

Then you can run rake solr:reindex from the folder where you have the crantastic source code.

R package

There is a R package for crantastic that lives in its own branch in the Git repository. Use the following steps to check out the source:

git fetch origin R-package
git checkout --track -b R-package origin/R-package

Updating packages from CRAN

Run rake crantastic:cron or rake crantastic:update_packages. Look in the lib/scripts folder for scripts and cron tasks.


The crantastic source code is released under the MIT license, consult the accompanying MIT-LICENSE file for details.

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