Created: 2018-02-09 11:08
Updated: 2018-12-04 22:12
License: mit


OWrite Basic Editor

The library implements a basic OWrite editor for the purpose of demonstrate the basic requirements for adding rich-text editing features to Omnis Studio libraries.

To build the library you will require the OWrite and OSpell2 external components by Brainy Data.

If you do not have them, demo versions are available at https://www.brainydata.com/demos. Furthermore, additional files and libraries are required which can also be downloaded from the same location.

The specific downloads are:

https://www.brainydata.com/demos/software/owrite_basic_editor.zip https://www.brainydata.com/demos/software/jsowrite_demo_software_mac.zip https://www.brainydata.com/demos/software/jsowrite_demo_software_win.zip

These downloads may include additional example libraries and files that are not required.

Please refer to the online documentation for further information. https://www.brainydata.com/supportpublic/documentation.htm



This folder contains the JSON source files for the Omnis library in Github.

To restore these files in Omnis Studio, click 'Libraries' in the Studio Browser, then click 'New Lib from JSON'. In the import dialog, navigate to this source folder (containing library.json), then specify a different location for the new Library. Click on Import and open the library in the Studio Browser.

To test your builds, simply replace the library with the identical name in the downloaded folders, with the ones you have just build.

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