Created: 2008-04-23 12:13
Updated: 2017-07-27 04:49
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Menki - A blogging base for the discerning developer

Inspired by its fashionable cousin Enki, Menki is a base to build your own blog upon.

No configuring, funky template languages, needing to monkey patch your additions with plugins or any of that non-sense. Simply branch, customise and when Menki gets updated you can rebase your branch. Menki is lean and mean to help make upgrades as painless as possible. Use of a decent SCM is highly recommended.

What Menki's got:

  • Merb
  • Datamapper for the model
  • OpenID for the admin (multiple logins)
  • HAML for the pretty bits (HAML == less code == cleaner merging)
  • ATOM
  • /posts/post-title URLs
  • Choice of post format: HAML, Markdown, Textile or straight HTML
  • Basic admin live preview and draft auto-saving

What Menki features are planned to be added soon:

  • ╬╝Formats
  • Comments
  • Sexytime Admin

What you won't find under Menki's skirt:

  • A pre-baked stylesheet
  • Pages - you can add easily add these yourself

Get up and running

Step 1: Grab Menki

git clone
cd menki
mate config/database.yml
rake dm:db:automigrate

Step 2: Customise

Step 3

  • Profit

Currently Powering

Nothing yet.



Bugfixes are always welcome, new features too if they're fitting with the Menki vibe. The mailing list is the best place for discussions, a git repo somewhere I can pull from is the best place for patches. Github's fun because we get to look at pretty pictures and things:


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