Created: 2008-04-22 13:05
Updated: 2017-07-27 04:49
License: mit


Ain't that some pretty text!

Yo, this plugin will take text and on-the-fly create images using rmagick and supplied fonts.

Whatchu need

This plugin depends on rmagick, so make sure you're all gemmed up!

How to do it

Throw any fonts you like into /path/to/your/app/fonts and bada bing.

In your views call something like this:

<%= pretty_text 'text you want rendered into an image', :font => 'Vera.ttf', :pointsize => '35px', :fill => '#CCCCCC' %>

you can also setup some psuedo constants to reuse styles sitewide.

In config/initializers/pretty_text.rb, you could have this, for example:

Sudara::PrettyText.presets[:h1] = {
  :pointsize => 36,
  :background_color => 'transparent',
  :fill => 'black',
  :format => 'PNG',
  :font => 'SebastianMediumPro.otf'

Allowing you to call:

<%= pretty_text 'fancy anti-aliased rendered text', :h1 %>

NOTE: Images are generated and cached as needed, so no worries on the "OMG, my server performance"

Copyright (c) 2007 Sudara, released under the MIT license

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