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Updated: 2017-11-16 11:49
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Homebrew pkenv

A repository holding the Homebrew pkenv tap.


  • Homebrew
  • El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra. Untested everywhere else.


Run the following in your command-line:

$ brew tap kwilczynski/homebrew-pkenv

Bugs happen

The more information you provide and the more detailed your report is, the easier it is for us to fix it. Please refer to this section for more information.

Filing Bug Reports

Please include the following information in your bug report:

  • macOS Version: eg. 10.13.1, 10.12.3
  • Homebrew Version: brew -v
  • Installation logs for the formula in question
    • A link to the gist created with brew gist-logs <formula-you-are-using> will contain these logs.
    • Or, if brew gist-logs is not working:
      • Output of brew install -v path/to/homebrew-pkenv/the-formula-you-want-to-test.rb --with-your --options-here within a gist. Please append any options you added to the brew install command.
      • Output of brew doctor within a gist.

New bug reports will be created with a template of this information for you to fill in.

This will help us diagnose your issues much quicker, as well as find similarities between different reported issues.


This repository contains formulae for pkenv.


Once the tap is installed, you can install pkenv formulae via:

$ brew install pkenv

That's it!


See Contributing



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