Created: 2008-04-17 23:22
Updated: 2017-07-27 04:49



A set of libraries and utilities to facilitate reverse engineering


  • TEST TEST TEST (with rspec, ideally)
  • Decode the additional information in the dysymtab load command, to support other kinds of relocations and dynamic linker behavior
  • Let the ObjC type descriptor parser understand ObjC++
  • Have the ObjC module detect ObjC1/1.5/2 and search for structures accordingly
  • Output ObjC information to a metaformat (for eventual computer reasoning) which could then be output to ObjC syntax if desired
  • Test C / ObjC grammars and implement header/prototype parsing for them, to avoid redundant information being added to header output (and eventually, to build a database of parameter and return types to aid in simple decompilation of function calls and associated variables)
  • Add a C++ grammar and integrate it into ObjC if necessary
  • Consider adding support for gcc extensions to C/ObjC/C++ as most of the headers we'll be dealing with come from gcc/g++
  • Abstract away the Image class and have MachO simply return subclasses of it
  • Fix the Image virtual memory IO object to prevent reading past the edge of segment boundaries
  • Reorder directories to make more sense


  • Treetop

How to use

For now, just run rverse.rb with the Objective C 2.0 binary you'd like to dump as its parameter. It will output the header contents to stdout (if you're lucky).

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