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Updated: 2019-02-24 06:20
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fed.ialis.me — the guide to the fediverse


Content and sources are licensed in the public domain / Unlicense.

As the website is a work in progress right now we invite all repo collaborators to just work in master branch. Once the site is done enough we'll work with feature branches and pull requests, but that's for another time.

Because the site needs custom code / plugins, it is not built by GitHub Pages. Instead it is built by travis-ci and then committed back to the gh-pages branch. All commits done on master are published two minutes after being committed.


This is jekyll static website. Unlink most Jekyll sites, this one is internationalized, which makes things a little bit complicated:

  • Most content is in the _i18n/ folder ;
    • for most pages it's just _i18n/{lang}/{page}/content.md
    • some pages or small descriptions are in separated files in _i18n/{lang}/{page}/{part}.md (e.g. _i18n/en/apps/mastodon.md for the small description of Mastodon.
  • Global translations are in _i18n/{lang}.yml.

Pages based on lists are mostly defined in _data/ folder (e.g. the apps lists are in _data/apps.yml).

Creating new pages is a little bit more complicated and a guide will be written for that ASAP.

Most of the "lists" parts (tools, apps, servers) are mostly dynamic and seeded from the YML files in _data. Tools are not implemented yet so please don't work on that parts for now.


Not done yet but the main idea is to provide a curated list of instances. I'm still thinking on the criterias (less than X users; great connection with the wider fediverse; not strict moderation). That's the list that will be presented for users but we will definitely link to non-curated lists such as instances.mastodon.xyz.

Contact / Organization

The website was started by the soc.ialis.me collective ; but we're more than open to contributions from everyone.

Ping either @admin@soc.ialis.me or come by to IRC at irc.random.sh (SSL) 6667 #random for IM chat.

fed.ialis.me by the soc.ialis.me collective and contributors.

Site source and content is unlicensed in the public domain.

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