Created: 2017-04-30 08:15
Updated: 2019-02-28 20:42

Disclaimer: This app is woefully experimental, and is the result of an inexperienced rails developer just banging on random things until they work.


Welcome to Pine! Pine is a writing app for long-form content and making it available to the federated web. Pine uses OStatus to create a feed of articles that users on Mastodon or GNU Social can subscribe to and comment on.


  • Federation - Pine intends to act as an OStatus provider. People on OStatus-based networks can subscribe to either individual author feeds or publications. Feeds contain articles, which contain a short preview of the full content.

  • Subscriptions - Pine also acts as a feed reader for your favorite articles on the web. As an added bonus, you can subscribe to other Pine authors, and interact directly with their articles.

  • Cross-Posting - Connect your GNU Social or Mastodon account so that you can automatically cross-share to your network of choice from inside the app.

  • Microformats - Add contextual information for better search integration

  • OpenGraph - ensure that every article specifies a title, a tagline, and an image. Article previews could look good no matter where it's being shared from.

  • Publications - Authors can roll their own writing groups with an emphasis on a specific collection of articles, and OStatus users can subscribe to this. In a Publication's feed, author attribution still reflects the original authors. It just happens to show up

  • Tags - All articles can be tagged, and those tags can be searched.

  • Graceful Degradation - Content should fit the network that is reading it. GNU Social and Mastodon might need to render post in a fashion differently than Diaspora.

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