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Updated: 2019-03-06 17:44
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microstatus is a lightweight Mastodon- and GNU social-compatible OStatus and ActivityPub server implementation.

Current Status

microstatus is still under active design and not yet ready for mainstream usage.

Design goals

microstatus aims at the following objectives:

  • provide a complete, standard compliant implementation of the OStatus and ActivityPub protocols;
  • be extremely lightweight, self-contained and easy to deploy;
  • federate with Mastodon and GNU social instances (at least);
  • use a hackable, UNIX-friendly storage format;
  • come with a nice client API.

microstatus (nice to have) non-goals include:

  • providing a scalable implementation of the OStatus and ActivityPub protocols;
  • handling billions of users;
  • being compatible with Mastodon's, GNU social's or Twitter's client API;
  • coming with a nice web or mobile UI.


Run cargo build --release in your working copy.


Copy the microstatus binary wherever you want.


Usage: microstatus <working-directory>
       microstatus -h | --help
       microstatus --version

    working-directory working directory (file storage)

    -h, --help  Show this screen.
    --version   Show version.

Contributing and reporting bugs

Contributions are welcome through GitHub pull requests.

Please report bugs and feature requests on GitHub issues.


microstatus is copyright (C) 2017-2018 Jérémie Roquet jroquet@arkanosis.net and licensed under the ISC license.

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