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64tass Bundle for TextMate 2

If you like to code for Commodore 64 and love TextMate you’ll enjoy this bundle. 64tass is cross assembler targeting the 65xx series of micro processors.

Just type your code and hit + R


cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/
git clone https://github.com/vigo/textmate2-64tass-bundle.git C64Tass.tmbundle

# Relaunch Textmate


  • Syntax highlighting and language grammar is work-in-progress now!


TextMate Setup

You need to set your environment variables. We have one required and two optional variables.

Required Variables


We don’t need TM_64TASS_PATH variable anymore. Just added binary under Support/bin/ folder. Current version: 64tass Turbo Assembler Macro V1.52.1237?


Command-line binary of X64.app. Vice comes with these tools under tools/ folder:


Example: /Users/vigo/Applications/MacVice/tools/x64

# example from command-line
defaults write com.macromates.textmate environmentVariables -array-add \
    '{enabled = 1; value = "/Users/vigo/Applications/MacVice/tools/x64"; name = "TM_VICE_PATH"; }'

Optional Variables


Default options are: -C -a. You can override it via setting TM_64TASS_OPTIONS variable. You can check the available options for 64tass via 64tass --help:

Usage: 64tass [OPTIONS...] SOURCES
64tass Turbo Assembler Macro V1.52.1237?

  -a, --ascii           Source is not in PETASCII
  -B, --long-branch     Automatic bxx *+3 jmp $xxxx
  -C, --case-sensitive  Case sensitive labels
  -D <label>=<value>    Define <label> to <value>
  -E, --error=<file>    Place errors into <file>
  -I <path>             Include search path
  -M <file>             Makefile dependencies to <file>
  -q, --quiet           Do not output summary and header
  -T, --tasm-compatible Enable TASM compatible mode
  -w, --no-warn         Suppress warnings
      --no-caret-diag   Suppress source line display
 Diagnostic options:
  -Wall                 Enable most diagnostic warnings
  -Werror               Diagnostic warnings to errors
  -Werror=<name>        Make a diagnostic to an error
  -Wno-error=<name>     Make a diagnostic to a warning
  -Wbranch-page         Warn if a branch crosses a page
  -Wimplied-reg         No implied register aliases
  -Wno-deprecated       No deprecated feature warnings
  -Wno-jmp-bug          No jmp ($xxff) bug warning
  -Wno-label-left       No warning about strange labels
  -Wno-mem-wrap         No offset overflow warning
  -Wno-pc-wrap          No PC overflow warning
  -Wold-equal           Warn about old equal operator
  -Woptimize            Optimization warnings
  -Wshadow              Check symbol shadowing
  -Wstrict-bool         No implicit bool conversions
 Output selection:
  -o, --output=<file>   Place output into <file>
  -b, --nostart         Strip starting address
  -f, --flat            Generate flat output file
  -n, --nonlinear       Generate nonlinear output file
  -X, --long-address    Use 3 byte start/len address
      --cbm-prg         Output CBM program file
      --atari-xex       Output Atari XEX file
      --apple-ii        Output Apple II file
      --intel-hex       Output Intel HEX file
      --s-record        Output Motorola S-record file
 Target CPU selection:
      --m65xx           Standard 65xx (default)
  -c, --m65c02          CMOS 65C02
      --m65ce02         CSG 65CE02
  -e, --m65el02         65EL02
  -i, --m6502           NMOS 65xx
  -t, --m65dtv02        65DTV02
  -x, --m65816          W65C816
      --mr65c02         R65C02
      --mw65c02         W65C02
      --m4510           CSG 4510
 Source listing and labels:
  -l, --labels=<file>   List labels into <file>
      --vice-labels     Labels in VICE format
      --dump-labels     Dump for debugging
  -L, --list=<file>     List into <file>
  -m, --no-monitor      Don't put monitor code into listing
  -s, --no-source       Don't put source code into listing
      --line-numbers    Put line numbers into listing
      --tab-size=<n>    Override the default tab size (8)
      --verbose-list    List unused lines as well
  -?, --help            Give this help list
      --usage           Give a short usage message
  -V, --version         Print program version
Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
for any corresponding short options.

Report bugs to <soci@c64.rulez.org>.

Set it from Terminal:

# example from command-line
defaults write com.macromates.textmate environmentVariables -array-add \
    '{enabled = 1; value = "YOUR OPTIONS"; name = "TM_64TASS_OPTIONS"; }'


You can define extra options for x64 executable. Try: x64 -h for all options. I’m using +cart which is Disable default cartridge in my configurations. It’s totally up to you.

# example from command-line
defaults write com.macromates.textmate environmentVariables -array-add \
    '{enabled = 1; value = "+cart"; name = "TM_VICE_OPTIONS"; }'


Save this file as ~/Desktop/test.asm and hit + R

    * = $0801
    .word ss, 2005
    .null $9e, ^start ;will be sys 4096
ss    .word 0

    * = $1000
    lda #$00
    sta $d020


Example code snippet

Example runner output

Example running code

Output theme can be vary according to your preferences.

Theme Additions

I’ve just added few scope names. Please add these scopes for better syntax coloring. I’m using Solarized Dark Theme

{	name = '64Tass - Hexadecimal, Dollar Sign';
	scope = 'punctuation.definition.64tass.dollar.sign';
	settings = { foreground = '#ffffff'; };
{	name = '64Tass - Labels';
	scope = 'entity.name.64tass.label';
	settings = { foreground = '#8C7ECC'; };
{	name = '64Tass - Comment';
	scope = 'comment.line.semicolon.64tass';
	settings = { background = '#184753'; };
{	name = '64Tass - Memory Pointer';
	scope = 'punctuation.definition.64tass.star.equals';
	settings = { foreground = '#6a5cdd'; };

Change Log


  • 64tass binary embedded to Support/bin
  • Added: Example code and screenshot



All PR’s are welcome!

  1. fork (https://github.com/vigo/textmate2-64tass-bundle/fork)
  2. Create your branch (git checkout -b my-features)
  3. commit yours (git commit -am 'added killer options')
  4. push your branch (git push origin my-features)
  5. Than create a new Pull Request!


This project is licensed under MIT

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