Created: 2012-09-03 10:37
Updated: 2019-02-17 20:26
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============================= django-disposable-email-checker

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Django package to detect between ~890 & ~8,600 domains used by disposable email services. You can validate any email against our internal list of ~890 domains used by disposable email services. Optionally you can also check each domain against the Block-Disposable-Email.com API, covering ~8,600 domains.


Install the disposable email checker from PyPI

pip install django-disposable-email-checker

The disposable email checker comes with a list of ~890 emails. If you would like to provide your own email list create a function which returns a list of domains to block.

from disposable_email_checker.emails import email_domain_loader

def custom_email_domain_loader():
    # Anyone still using AOL will be too much of a customer service burden
    return [
    ] + email_domain_loader()

Then add the complete path including function name to your settings

DEC_LOADER = "my.package.custom_email_domain_loader"

If you would like to use the BDE integration add your API key to your Django settings

BDEA_APIKEY = "abcnotarealkey123"

optionally you can configure the BDE API timeout in seconds (default 5)


A default error message can be set globally for the validation checking (this is optional and if left blank it will default to _('Blocked email provider.')):

BDEA_MESSAGE = '<blocked email message>'

Adding to your models

Once you have completed setup add the DisposableEmailField to your models.

from disposable_email_checker.fields import DisposableEmailField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    email = DisposableEmailField()

The DisposableEmailField has a few optional arguments

  • whitelist - A list of emails which will always be allowed. Defaults to []
  • message - The error message used by ValidationError if validation fails. Defaults to _('Blocked email provider.')
  • code - The error code used by ValidationError if validation fails. Defaults to "invalid".

Using the validator

If you want to use the validator by itself

from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from disposable_email_checker.validators import validate_disposable_email

except ValidationError:
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